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A-L-E-X LEE's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Aug 2007|10:19am]
So now I am in Michigan. I am loads happier than being in Georgia despite the fact that when I got here it was not much cooler and the house that I am living in this year does not have air conditioning. That really doesn't matter because I am currently sleeping in this room in the basement, which is cooler, because there is currently someone in my room. This is making for an interesting transition. More people will be arriving in the next few days I believe, so this will all work out. Brad picked me up from the airport yesterday, which was very nice of him, and then we hung out the rest of the day, a little at my place, stopped by Charlie, Davis, Jon, and Neil's new place (AC, woohoo!), dinner at Mr. Spots, then South Quad to see Jake and Marti, with whom we spent the rest of the evening. I also saw a bunch of the rugby girls at a party, which was also very nice. Today I hope to see Emily and who knows what else will happen.

[23 Aug 2007|06:26pm]
so i am back to life after the summer. this was a great summer full of laughter, themes, and everything else. i am back in georgia for a week and the first thing i did when i got back was call my father a lunatic because he made my flight to leave next friday instead of wednesday like i told him was necessary to my life. this is what i get for not doing everything myself. oh well, i fixed it. so now i have a lot to do and i need my trunk back so that i can do a lot of it. i am rather excited to go back to school and see everyone i know etc.
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[30 May 2007|11:38am]
my mother just told me the most hilarious instance of blue laws in action. when she was in college in north carolina, they were not allowed to dance on sundays. so when they were out at the bar on saturday night, cops would come in at midnight and stop people from dancing, despite the fact that band was still playing and the bar stayed open until 2. just because it was illegal to dance on sundays. also here in atlanta you are not allowed to buy alcohol on sundays. beer and wine are still on the shelves in the grocery stores, but they will not sell it to you. blue laws are weird. i also do not know what prompted this blue law discussion between myself and my mother, but it was hilarious.
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[10 May 2007|04:49pm]
so LeeTour 07 is over, and it was really great. it was so wonderful to see everyone i saw and everyone was so great for housing me etc. now i am back in hotlanta and i didnt get my wisdom teeth out, but i still got the implant. laughing gas is rather fun and now i get to eat a lot of pudding.
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SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER. [21 Apr 2007|02:27pm]
officially, as of 17 hours ago, summer started for me. i took my 3 finals yesterday, kind of a bitch, but not as much as i thought and they are in the past now so i dont care. then last night was wonderful. i went out with some of my friends, however they would not let me throw a keg off the balcony to put it in better position to take later, then there was a mosh pit involved, then i saw a friend from a class with whom i am not very close but we had a nice heart to heart sitting on the grass on a corner. that was wonderful and did i mention that it was sooo warm and coats were very unnecessary. then i am not exactly sure how it happened, but i took a detour on the way home and i scouted out ridiculous amounts of kegs. and brad has his car here now, so i came back to wake him up because i knew we were going to make a killing. at first he thought i was kim, trying to get him to put his arm, but then i made him realize that i was was opportunity waking him up at around 5:15 am. so we went out and took the ones i planned out, stopped at our usual psi u to pick up an additional two and picked up the ones i was keeping at aebra's frrom previous nights. and we put them all in tony and jason's window/keg storage area. and just guess how many there were. motherfucking fifteen kegs. motherfucking fifteen. it was such a beautiful, beautiful sight. it almost brought a tear to my eyes. and then it was around 7:30 when we got back and i was going to breakfast with ashley and her father and i decided that it would be better to just not sleep, so we made some hot pockets and watched some saturday morning cartoons and the first part of heavyweights before they picked me up and i ate scrumptous french toast. now i am packing up my life and getting ready for LeeTour 07 to get underway.
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[13 Apr 2007|12:46am]
it can be said that the greatness of a day is proportional to how many shirts you acquire. today i got three. one oxford shirt, a mini-soccer championship shirt, and a whore shirt.

the oxford shirt:
front: OXFORD, living on the edge...
back: map of central campus with oxford circled to literally show how far away we are from everything.

mini-soccer championship shirt:
my indoor womens soccer team played the championship game today and we won in golden goal. quite the exciting match-up, made even sweeter when we found out that we were playing girls from the club team.

whore shirt:
i am going to detroit ruck city on saturday (rugby tournament) to whore (play for other teams) since U of M isnt going. we made shirts so that people may identify us.
back: i will: find the hole, hook balls, get off quick, do any back position; but really do anything (all rugby terms part of a nice song)

i am happy with these.
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[09 Apr 2007|05:07pm]
major crisis strikes LeeTour 07.

the ride to the east coast fell through, so now i either have to find somebody new who lives on the east coast (rare, state school=most are in state) and has a seat in their car or take a bus or train. i have already done the necessary research and now i put it up to a vote from LeeTour participants and other outside observers. these are the options:

train: leaves ann arbor at 8:50 pm on april 21, arrives philadelphia at 9:00 pm on april 22 ($75)

bus 1: leaves ann arbor at 4:25 pm on april 21, arrives philadelphia at 11:20 am on april 22 ($65)

bus 2: leaves ann arbor at 4:25 pm on april 23, arrives philadelphia at 11:20 am on april 24 ($55, slight changes to dates i see people, but nothing drastic)

or i could fly, but that is quite expensive. the best situation, however, is to find a ride with someone i know (there are still some possibilities) because that is free, there is less of a chance for a delay, and there are conveinient stops etc.
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[02 Apr 2007|01:01pm]
i have nerve damage and now i dont have feeling in the majority of my left leg. rugbylove.
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[26 Mar 2007|08:23pm]
last night i got back from a really great weekend. i went to nashville with the rugby team for a tournament. we left friday around 1, getting into the hotel around 10. long drive, caught up on some necessary z's though. then went around with michelle and amanda (mars) to find mars' other friends with whom she was staying (mars did not have a team because the ann arbor club team did not come down, but she came to whore, as in play for other teams that needed players). then we found them and went back to the hotel to sleep. had a 9 am game, which we won. it was pretty great, despite the fact that we were playing in very heavy long sleaved jerseys in 85 degree weather. i love to play rugby. then we had a while til our next game, so we watched our guys, who also won, and generally chilled sans shirt because it was way too hot. then we played a second game against eastern kentucky. there was this one man of a woman on steroids who was literally faster than the stylemobile and so she scored a bunch and we lost. i had a breakaway in the second half and i had my eye on the endzone, but i am too fat and slow and so i got caught and brought down. not only was the hit hard and i came down in a bad way, but my pride was hurt as well. but after the game they had cold beers waiting for us. the drink takes the pain away. then we ate, got some milkshakes, drank a little more, and went back to the fields for the social. that was a lot of fun. music and a bunch of rugby players. eventually we got kicked off and went back to the hotel. we met some other rugby guys and headed down to the pool and i swam in my bra and this guy's shorts. we sang some rugby songs and generally putzed around until we got kicked out of there too. then we went to sleep. we woke up in the morning and nobody really knew what time our game was, so i was just down eating a muffin when i see somebody i know. and who is it? emma kingdom. what?? i dont think i have seen her for more that 3 minutes since the 7th grade, but she was there. it was pretty hilarious. i talked to her for a bit and then we found out that our game was in 20 minutes so we got our stuff together, found a van and headed to the field, arriving with just a few minutes to spare only to find out that they double booked the field and we werent playing for another hour. we lost that game, only by kicks, which sort of sucked, but their team was about 50 people and they had nice short sleeved jerseys. the heat and exhaustion definitely played a part in that one. a bunch of fat people fell on my face in that game. on one tackle i brought this fat chick down, but she fell on my face. then my nose started to bleed. so i called out for some vaseline, rubbed that shit on, and i was ready to go again, no sub necessary. after that game, two vans left, but i wasnt ready to leave the nice weather and nice weekend behind, so i stayed to watch some of the final. we popped open a few cold ones and watched our guys for a bit and then the first half of the final before finally saying goodbye to nashville. it was a very pleasant drive back, i had a good van. i drove most of the way, a good 7 hours, and got back to my room after returning the van at about 1:30 this morning. despite my horrible sunburn and sore as hell body, nash bash was a blast. but now i have to be back in the real world and go to class (except i decided to nap outside instead of go to one of my classes today) and wear shirts (even though i am not wearing one currently).
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[21 Mar 2007|10:51pm]
today started off like any other wednesday. except i had less sleep due to going to the CCRB last night to lift, elliptical, and be ballin. off to work at 5:30 am, boring shift, same old, same old, listened to the bubba show. then i had a nap, like always, on the couch that is probably full of STDs. then i wake up, slightly refreshed, and head off to class. my contacts were bugging out after the nap, worse than usual, but still okay. until i walk into a tree. i am walking on the sidewalk, like i do every single day, fixing my contacts, and then i walk into a tree. it was ridiculous. then there was peanut butter pie at bursley for lunch. day gets better. then i have a wonderful nap in class. better still. then i study for my exam tomorrow. sucks, but good for me. then off to bursley to see if logan is studying. he is not, so we go to dinner. then on the way back to study, i see the media sale. we take a detour. guess what i find? BUFFY. first 3 seasons for the price of 1. talk about great. but still sort of expensive, $45, so i leave it up to fate and spin my cell phone. it points staight at logan (the "get buffy" side). talk about great. then i come back, received some brownies from caroline. more great. AND THEN i stop by the ox on the way to my room and kelly tells me i am employee of the month! even more great, and i get $25 in entree plus to top off my pride in a job well done. and then i clean my room to make that great, just like my day. and then we won our broomball game. great all over. i hope that everyone else has a great day sometime soon too.
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[19 Mar 2007|12:13am]
st. patty's day was fun. green is my favorite color.

-karaoke, asian style.
-parties with live bands are NOT always good parties.
-"t" is a difficult letter to not use, especially when you cant use spanish either.
-open front doors, tool sheds, dumpsters, taps, north faces.
-hot chocolate and liquid candy canes.
-mens rugby game.
-the cold.
-showing off my skillz.
-not a $5 milkshake.
-g-bo. (new favorite).
-wii bowling.
-olive oil bottle.
-skinny bitches.
-rugby men.
-two doors down.
-jimmy johns, winks, and jokes.
-the hardcore stay awake.
-front porches and back doors.

sum total of the day: 14 kegs in 24 hours, 2 taps, north face, bottle of peligrino because i was thirsty, and lots of chilling with rugby friends.
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[13 Mar 2007|03:17pm]
my arm is pussing. i hope that is not due to resting my semi-open wound on a table most likely filthy with harmful chemicals.
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[09 Mar 2007|07:59pm]
i started a fire at work today. when my boss found out she mentioned a raise. crazy times at the oxford express.
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[01 Mar 2007|09:11am]
notes to self:

-do NOT attempt to play lax goalie with no pads and a field stick.
-do NOT spend any amount of time over your spring break writing a poem to be sent to you gsi explaining why you should stay lab partners with your current one when a simple "i would like to keep my current lab partner" would be perfectly acceptable.
-do NOT write your sister's history paper for her.
-spend more time outside in the sunny 72 degree weather.
-eat more chicken biscuits.
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[25 Feb 2007|05:37pm]
so my pops and caroline and i just climbed stone mountain. it was a pretty nice hike, but there were a lot of people. afterwards we went in the little information station at the bottom. we learned about how stone mountain was formed, which was pretty interesting. but then there was also this movie that we did not see that explained the "battle of georgia" in the civil war. this supposed battle was at the end against sherman. last time i checked, sherman blatantly walked across the state to the sea and crushed any rebellion in his path. the south is funny.

[22 Feb 2007|03:11pm]
does seeing my gsi on the bus last night count for going to class today? i think yes. especially when spring break starts tomorrow and i am headed to hotlanta and sunshine and no math for 2 weeks because the system is down.
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[13 Feb 2007|01:02pm]
a) i have been staring at flashlights for the past few hours.
b) i played in the qualifiers for the national college bridge championship.
i) clearly i didnt win.
ii) it is sad that kevin did not make it either.
iii) i did beat harvard in our head to head match.
iv) we made the most amazing play in the 5th match in which we set the other team by 4 tricks redoubled. it was wic-ridic. we got 19 out of a possible 20 imps on that board and the usual score per board is and 3 or 4.
v) yale owned us.
c) next year i am living in the Eugene V. Debs coop. i am pretty excited and i sign my contract tomorrow.
d) i did bomb-diggity on my math midterm, and that is also great.
e) both of my IM basketball teams got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. if we thought ISL refs were bad, imagine j. lindsay brown trying to ref. it was worse than that and it was what lost us the women's game because 2 people "fouled out" when the game was tied with 1 minute left to play.
e) all in all, things are going pretty well. except with losing the bridge tournament and the playoffs.
f) on saturday i was up by ashley's room so i went to visit her and she was there. we talked about what was going on in our lives and then started to talk about what we knew about other people. i was disgusted at how little i knew.
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[01 Feb 2007|04:19pm]
there is nothing like the disappointment of finding a penny on the sidewalk tails up.
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[25 Jan 2007|07:54pm]
word limits suck. but at least my scholarship application is in.
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[24 Jan 2007|04:18pm]
so i may have stretched myself too thin this semester. but i am an engineer/scientist, so i will test this hypothesis. if i can get way ahead, then i might be able to work it out without too much complication (as in failing my classes and/or physically collapsing). so my goal is to complete all my work through next wednesday by 4:00 on friday. i will be way ahead and then can still have a weekend and do all of my activities (bridge, womens IM team, co-ed IM team, womens rugby, work, my new hobby, etc.). lets see how this works.
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